The Bug Files - Documenting the Itchy Side of Green School

This is an Entomology Course with a mission: To document the local bug species and recognize the critical roles they play in the local ecosystem. Using Moodle's Database Tool and some smart phones, students were able to document a variety of bugs living in the area. Weekly conversations discussed much more about insects, and served as a basis for Entomology.

  • Creator: Noan Fesnoux - Publisher: Noan Fesnoux
  • Subject: Zoology - Audience: Students - Educational level: Secondary
  • Language: English - License: Creative Commons - Time updated: Monday, 29 February 2016, 5:33 PM
Creator notes

I taught this course as a 6 week unit, with each week being a different piece of the puzzle. The course itself revolved around discussion, followed by time to work on building out our insect Database and revealing more about insects. The course can work as a flipped class as there are ample resources to learn before coming in and having the discussion.

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