Erasmus+ "Spirit of Europe"

Dieser Kurs dient zur Sammlung der Resultate des Erasmus-Projekts "Spirit of Europe" und zur Veröffentlichung als E-Learning-Kurs

  • Creator: Werner Müller - Publisher: FWU, ALP
  • Tags: Erasmus+ - Subject: General Education Programmes (Other) - Audience: Students - Educational level: Secondary
  • Language: German - License: Creative Commons - Time updated: Friday, 20 April 2018, 12:05 PM
Creator notes

If you follow the media or believe the politicians, the European Union seems to be in a crisis. In many countries, politicians try to be successful with Anti-European ideas. That is why the other European countries are usually waiting anxiously for the results of many previous elections, as for example in France. Each election is a decision about the fate of Europe. In many countries throughout Europe, governments tell their people that the only way to solve this crisis would be to close their borders and thus to isolate themselves from European concerns. Showing solidarity with their European neighbours and concern for their problems does not seem to be very popular in the countries of the European Union at the moment. The Brexit can clearly be seen as one result of those ideas. Only some politicians, such as the new president of France, are founding their ideas and political strategies on the advantages the European Union has to offer.

This was the reason why we have started the Erasmus+ - Project “Spirit of Europe“. We wanted to go back to the roots and examine the original intentions of the European Union. The questions discussed during the project have been as follows: Why and how has the European Union come into being ? What were its aims ? Why did those countries enter the European Union ? What are the advantages to be a member of the European Union ?

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