Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

Database with CSS and Javascript

Archive (ZIP) BDD avec CSS et

Moodle version:

Educational level: Any

Language: French
Licence: Creative Commons
Tags: database, css, javascript, print, table, display, publication

Add entry:
  • Drop-down menu for the name
  • Display of the desired table for the entry
  • Control for display or not the appreciation
  • Shortcuts to go at the bottom
View single:
  • Header and footer
  • Central zone following the required controls in the new record
  • Print Button
  • Footer at the bottom of the print page
View list:
  • Sheet
  • Pictograms with shortcuts for printing or modification
  • Name and picture of the creator
  • Creation Date
  • Change Date

More information :

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