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Reflective Journal

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Educational level: Any

Language: English
Licence: Creative Commons - ShareAlike
Tags: database, reflection, journal, privacy settings

One option for a personal reflective journal - structured to support Gibb’s Reflective Cycle (1988).

With the following settings, only the learner and teacher role can see entries. Learners cannot see other people's entries. Teachers can add comments. Optionally, set the 'Entries required for completion' to 1 or more if you are using completion criteria for the activity.

  • Approval required: yes
  • Allow editing of approved entries: yes
  • Allow comments on entries: yes
  • Entries required for completion: 1 (only necessary if you are using completion criteria for the activity)
  • Entries required before viewing: none
  • Maximum number of entries: none

Further reading: some common models of critical reflection

  • Driscoll’s Cycle – Driscoll, J. (2007) Practising Clinical Supervision: A Reflective Approach for Healthcare Professionals (second edition). Bailliere Tindall Elsevier, Edinburgh.
  • Gibb’s Reflective Cycle – Gibbs, G. (1988) Learning by doing: A guide to teaching and learning. Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development, Oxford. Available online at [Accessed October 2016]
  • John’s model for structured reflection – Johns, C. (2006) Engaging Reflection in Practice: A narrative approach (p. 42). Oxford Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.
  • The Weather Model – Maclean, S. (2016) A new model for social work reflection: whatever the weather. Professional Social Work, March, pp. 28-29.

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