Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

Personal Action Plan

Archive (ZIP) Personal Action

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Educational level: Any

Language: English
Licence: Creative Commons - ShareAlike
Tags: database, action plan, privacy settings

As a learner progresses through the learning module they may identify areas where they need to learn further. They may identify gaps in their learning or just things they need a little support to improve or they may just want to become more informed.

Learners can use this Personal Action Plan to note any areas for improvement or learning they need organise for themselves. 

With the following settings, only the learner and teacher role can see entries. Learners cannot see other people's entries. Optionally, set the 'Entries required for completion' to 1 or more if you are using completion criteria for the activity.

  • Approval required: yes
  • Allow editing of approved entries: yes
  • Allow comments on entries: yes
  • Entries required for completion: 1 (only necessary if you are using completion criteria for the activity)
  • Entries required before viewing: none
  • Maximum number of entries: none

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