Database presets

A collection of database presets for use with the Database activity.

Educational level:

Name Version Tags
Research Database Comparative China-West History History, Research, Comparative, Evidence, Bibliography, Geography    
Database Tips and Examples Tips, Examples, Profiles, files, Images, Galley, Bank, Search, Layout, CSS, Blog, Recourse, Portfolio, Workbook, Presentation, Survey, Software, Regalia, Index, CRM    
Personal Journal Database database, journal, privacy settings    
Journal Database Preset-One entry for each week database, journal, privacy settings    
Internal Verification (IV) Database Template teaching, learning, IV, internal, verification, database    
Teaching and Learning Observations teaching, learning, observations, database    
Moodle jobs Jobs    
Moodle buzz News, publications    
Moodle Educator Recipes Moodle, teaching    
Conversational phenomena video clips Video, YouTube, Linguistics