Boost presets

Boost is an extremely flexible theme that allows direct customisation via uploading a "Preset" file (no plugin installation required). The preset file contains a list of SCSS instructions which is used to generate the new stylesheets for the theme. 

Preset files can be written from scratch or imported from a Bootswatch file.

Name: Moodle Tipps and Tricks - Boost - Preset

This is a modified version of Boost Image Preset from Chris Kenniburg.

It works on the production system for the youtube tutorials "Moodle Tipps und Tricks" (DE)

Configuration see also the based preset and also in the preset file

Version: 2.0.1
Moodle versions: 3.7
Preview: Screenshot of
Preset file: text/x-scss Moodle_Tipps_and_Tricks_2_0_1.scss
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