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Formatting Tables in Tiny MCE Edit Window

Moodle backup backup-book-tinyMC-tables.mbz

Educational level: Any
Language: English
Licence: Creative Commons - ShareAlike
Tags: tables, database, html, Tiny MCE, book

I had previously posted an IMS file here but apparently not all the images come through on the IMS package. So I am reposting with a regular Moodle backup of a book resource with hints on formatting tables using the Tiny MCE edit window which was used in Moodle 2.6 and before but some users still use it in later versions of Moodle.  There is also a section on ideas for using the tables information and other features in editing the templates in the database module.  The new backup was in a course on a 3.1 site. I have restored it in 3.0 and 2.9. I was given a message when restoring that not everything may be backwards compatible, but it did work properly after backup.  Sorry those are the earliest versions of Moodle I still have available.

This book was part of the supplementary information for a presentation at 2014.iMoot May 2014.

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